Royal Kargil

About us

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Best Rooms & Service

The Royal Kargil

The Manali Inn has a lively décor featuring paintings, classy furnishings and landscaped outdoors.

At The Royal Kargil, we also offer accessibility features like guided sightseeing and tours, airport and bus stand pickup and drops and many more such facilities. That’s why we are ranked amongst the best hotels and hotels in Ladkh, and our patrons keep coming back for the warm hospitality we offer.

Exceptional Service

Proper Food & Facilites

The hotel is a benchmark of excellence for fine dining in Ladakh and offers an exceptional range of multi-cuisine dishes. The dining facilities at our hotel in Kargil have a total capacity for 120 covers.

The dining facilities are complemented by a fully stocked modern Bar and Discotheque, where you can order the choicest of international liquors and mocktails.

Years Of Warm Welcome…

We are one of the top hotels in Ladakh and we are known for Comfort, Safety, Luxury and Aesthetics in an affordable range

We always offer a level of warmth, comfort and personal service like never before. Our motto is ‘Athithi Devo Bhava’ – indeed, we leave no stone unturned in giving very special treatment to all our guests. Our sole aim is to rejuvenate your senses and make you revel in the tranquility inducing services, expansive picturesque views.